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Fathers Speak Book

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The loss of a child is an unbearably devastating and unthinkable experience. For fathers of loss, it can have the added burden of feeling forgotten or repeatedly overlooked as most around you, perhaps even you yourself, focus all the attention and care on the mother of your child and how she is doing. But, you lost a child, too. You are grieving, too. You deserve to be seen and heard and cared for, as well. This book offers acknowledgement and voice to the experience of fathers grieving their children. The fathers speaking through these pages offer their stories and experience of the death of their child(ren) to let you know that you are not the only one. They know. Like you, they have said the unthinkable good-bye. On days when it may feel as if the world has forgotten you and your child, these fathers are here to help you remember that you are not alone.