Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you call it Forget-Me-Not Baskets, when you send out more bags that baskets?
We name it Forget-Me-Not Baskets in the beginning because that is the only
item we started with.  Since we have grown and expanded, we are able to
offer more items to more people.  We also do larger quantities in the
bigger hospitals and they do not have room for multiple baskets, so we put
their Late Loss items in totes.

Why do your number keep growing, isn't that a bad thing?
No, not at all.  Our numbers are growing because we are reaching more
people.  Whether we are around or not, loss unfortunately will continue.
We just want to reach as many people as we can to show them that we are
thinking of them and that they are not alone.

How do I get Forget-Me-Not Basket items in my hospital or OB Office?
We would love to expand to as many locations as possible.  If you would
like these items at your local hospital, we will need your help!  We first
would need a contact for that hospital and know that they are interested.
We also need a sponsor to help offset some of the costs.  We have tiered
levels of sponsorship depending on the size of the hospital.  The most
important goal is once we get to your hospital, we want to stay there, so
we can continue to provide a service for your hospital and patients. Please
contact Sara Ringle to learn more: 330-435-6004.