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About Us

Forget-Me-Not Baskets (FMNB)

started in 2007 from

a random act of kindness.

I put together a basket of bereavement items that I thought would be
helpful to a mom, who experienced a loss during pregnancy or child birth.
I donated the basket to our local hospital, Wooster Community Hospital.  The hospital used the basket and then reached out for another one.  
At that time, I did not have another one, but after a short discussion with friends, I put together and donated 2 baskets, to the hospital.  
The cycle continued and we saw a need in our community.  From that one small act of kindness, Forget-Me-Not Baskets was created. 

12 years later we have donated over 3,500 baskets mostly to our community,
but we have also shipped them out throughout the country. 
We have Early Loss Bags, Late Loss Baskets and Dad's Bags. 
The bereavement items consist
of books and resources for all members of a family including Grandparents
and Siblings. 
Our baskets not only contain resources, we also include remembrance items.  This allows the families items that they can take home and cherish forevermore.
How do families receive a basket?
We are located in 17 local hospitals, OB offices and/or recovery centers. 
The nurses and staff deliver the bags and baskets and go through the items with the patients. 
We do not come in contact with the patients. 
If families are not local, we can ship items to them. 
You can purchase those items through our online store. 

How can I have a basket or bag donated in memory of my baby or honor of a family/friends baby?

Just click on the pictures below.

A personalized card will be placed in the basket or bag that you sponsor.  If you are sponsoring this for someone other than yourself and you would like for us to send them a note, please include those details in our comments section. 

Early Loss Bag

Late Loss Baskets

Dad's Bags